Experience Camps Is Part of Our Village…

Devon Coyle at first seems quiet. She is a very studious and kind hearted child. She plays softball, basketball, and volleyball, and is an amazing big sister to Gianna, who is only 17 months younger.

In 2017, When Devon was 11 and Giana was 9, their dad, David, died suddenly of an undetected heart condition while driving with Gianna and his wife, Lynne.

After that tragic and terrifying day, Devon and her family make sure that they keep his memory alive through pictures, discussions, and now by attending Experience Camps. Devon and her sister first came to camp after her mom read about it in Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Option B.”

Devon came back from camp last summer raving about her experience and the friends that she made. She finally found a place where she felt normal and was not treated differently because of what she’d been through.

“Camp is a huge lifeline for my girls.”

Devon is not afraid to be herself. She is a genuine good soul who would go out of her way to help others. She has a great deal of patience and respect for others. These traits shone brightly during her week at camp and allowed her to bond with the other girls in a truly special way.

Grief isn’t always easy. “I wish people knew how painful it is for me and my girls,” says Devon’s mom, “I still have a hard time dealing with it. I wish people would talk about my husband instead of avoiding the subject of him.” Luckily, what her girls take away from camp makes the day to day a little easier.

“Experience Camps is part of our village. It is a relief for me that my children can go to a place where they feel like they belong.”

Devon at a table