Unpacking “Grief Camp”: the Documentary

This past summer, Brut Media (a global digital media publisher that reaches over 500 million unique viewers monthly) sent filmmaker Léo Hamelin to make a 20-minute documentary called “Grief Camp” about Experience Camps. This nonprofit transforms the lives of grieving children through free summer camp programs and innovative, year-round initiatives. All of the campers at Experience Camps have experienced the death of a parent or sibling, and Hamelin wanted to shed light on childhood grief by sharing their personal stories and feelings, including how lonely they often feel in their grief and how healing it is to be with other kids who “get it.”


Watch the trailer (above), screen the 20-minute documentary, and then use these questions to launch a conversation about grief:

  1. If you have grieved the death of someone close to you, what was the hardest part?
  2. If you have grieved someone close to you, what’s the best way someone else supported you and why?
  3. 70% of Americans say they don’t know what to say when someone is grieving (Harris Poll, 2021). Why do you think we struggle with this so much as a society?
  4. When a friend or family member of yours is grieving, how do you show up for them?
  5. What do you wish more people knew about grief?
  6. Most people tend to stop checking in with grieving friends and family by 3 months; why do you think that is?
  7. Have you ever been nervous about calling a grieving friend or family member? Why?
  8. What did you learn from the documentary that you hadn’t known before watching?

Why we need to talk about grief (7 minutes); won “Most Impactful Film” at the 2023 Social Impact Film Festival:


Below are resources to help you better understand how to show up for young people (and anyone, really) who is grieving.



Blog posts to help you navigate grief:


How to talk to kids about a peer’s death:

How to talk to your child who is grieving:

How to show up for someone who is grieving:

Let’s “Tok” about Childhood Grief (TikToks by Experience Camps’ volunteer counselors and campers).

Why young people should talk about their grief:


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Grieving kids and teens share what they do NOT want to hear:


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Hear more insights from our campers on TikTok.

Check out more of our grief resources.


Reach out to us if you have questions:

Experience Camps is a nonprofit that transforms the lives of grieving children through summer camp programs and innovative, year-round initiatives. Through compassion, connection, and play, we allow grieving children to embody a life full of hope and possibility. By amplifying their voices, we are creating a more grief-sensitive culture. Learn more about volunteering with us, applying to camp, and year-round programming at www.experiencecamps.org.