Camper Health & Safety

​Because your camper’s health, safety, and proper supervision are our top priorities, Experience Camps adheres to the following measures:

  • Our host camps follow the standards established by the American Camp Association, including safety and operational standards pertaining to travel, activities, food services, the health center, and more.
  • Menus are developed to protect against all known camper food allergies. All host camps are 100% nut-free facilities.
  • All medication, both campers and staff, is required to be held in our health center at all times. Epi-pens are located throughout camp and in major building facilities.
  • At least two nurses are on site for the entire week of camp.
  • Certified lifeguards are always on duty when campers are in the pool or lake.
  • All staff members are fully background checked through a national criminal conviction database, and both national and state sex offender registries. We also conduct reference checks and personal interviews, and have policies in place that protect campers physically and emotionally.
  • Camps are staffed with a 3:1 camper to staff ratio.
  • All staff members report to camp one day early for a vigorous training and orientation prior to camper arrival. New staff receive additional pre-camp training.
  • A comprehensive emergency preparedness guide is in place with an action plan for potential and unexpected occurrences, both minor and major.
  • Our Clinical Directors and Grief Specialists, with experience in childhood grief, are a constant presence, facilitating all sharing circles, coordinating all grief activities, keeping a watchful eye on the campers and providing emotional support as needed.