Camper and Caregiver FAQs

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Before your camper is enrolled in camp

Is my camper eligible to come to camp?

Attending campers must be 6 months out from the death of their person by the start date of the program they are applying to.  Experience Camps is open to campers in 4th-12th grade (depending on location) who’ve lost a parent, sibling or primary caregiver. To participate in the Experience Camps leadership program (LIT) for rising 12th graders, campers must attend at least one year of camp beforehand. You can view all program dates, locations, and grades here.

The dates for camp conflict with school or other plans. Can I attend another program?

Yes. Your child can go to another program location, but Experience Camps is unable to offer travel scholarships to campers outside of a program’s geographic region. We encourage campers to attend the camp closest to their geographic region because we provide bus transportation to camp AND there are regional reunion events for campers during the year where they can attend and connect with fellow campers.

I submitted an application for my camper. Now what?

Returning camper applications are typically processed within 24-48 hours of receipt. Experience Camps will email you with either an enrollment or waitlist confirmation once the application is processed.  For new campers, Experience Camps requires an intake conversation. You will receive an email from with information about scheduling that call. If you did not receive an email please check your spam folder and if you still don’t see it, email us at

My camper is on the waitlist? When will I find out if they are enrolled?

When a spot becomes available for your camper they will be enrolled, and you will receive a confirmation email. Enrollment closes for each program 2 weeks prior to opening day. If your camper has not been enrolled by that point, you will receive an email with instructions on how to apply for camp next year.

Once your camper is enrolled in camp

I forgot my password to my CampInTouch account. What do I do?

If you forgot your password or get locked out of your account email for a reset.

Why can't I see my camper's forms?

If you’re logging into your CampInTouch account, forms will not be available until the spring, typically in the middle of March.  You will receive an email from Experience Camps when the forms are available.

I’m not receiving emails from Experience Camps or they are going to spam. How can I fix this?

Sometimes certain email providers filter ExCamps emails into a “Promotions” folder. See here for a step-by-step guide to ensure our emails land in your primary inbox. If you need help, reach out to

Where can I find the packing list?

Packing lists can be found here or in your program-specific Caregiver Handbook. Your handbook is available in both CampInTouch and on our website under “Program Overview”.

How does my camper get to and from camp?

The Experience Camp team works with you to arrange transportation free of charge, by bus. You may also drop off your camper by car during designated times.  Details on transportation options including designated bus stops are included in your Caregiver Handbook.

Any specific instructions for my camper who is flying to camp?

See the Travel FAQ here for details on flying to camp

Does Experience Camps offer financial aid for travel?

Travel scholarship applications are available in the spring and are reviewed and processed on a case by case basis. The 2022 travel scholarship can be found here. Scholarships are first-come first-served.

I enrolled my camper and they are refusing to go? How do I help them?

Having cold feet about coming to camp is a natural response. You can reach out to the clinical director of your camper’s program for more guidance on easing their anxieties and answering any questions they have. At the end of the day, camper participation should feel voluntary and the best outcomes result from campers who want to come to camp and don’t feel coerced by their caregivers.

Is there a way for my new camper to connect with returning campers before they arrive at camp?

We offer a Buddy Program you can sign your camper up for in the spring which connects them to a returning camper at their program. You will receive an email from your Clinical Director with details for signing up.

Can I contact my camper during camp?

Cellphones and other electronic devices are not permitted at camp. Please do not send them unless he/she is flying. Phones will be stored safely and returned at the end of camp. Your child will not have the opportunity to call home during camp. The directors will be in touch should there be any issues. No news is good news! See your Caregiver Handbook for additional information on communication during the week of camp.

How do I view photos of my camper at camp?

Download the snazzy new Campanion app on your mobile device at Install the app, sign in using your same login for CampInTouch, and upload a photo of your camper to train the *amazing* Face Finder system to quickly find your campers in our summer photos! Another cool feature – you can fill out all of your forms on the app!

Can I get contact information of the kids in my camper’s bunk so they can stay in touch?

After camp, we’ll send out contact information so that your camper can stay in touch with their bunkmates and friends from camp. If you would prefer that your information NOT be included in this list, you can reply to the email to opt out of the bunk contact list.

Are campers required to have a COVID-19 vaccine to come to camp?

While we do not require campers to be vaccinated for COVID-19, we are strongly encouraging it at this time. We will communicate closer to camp if COVID-19 transmission rates impact this decision.

How will you keep my camper safe from COVID-19 this summer?

As we did with summer 2021, all camps will be using a multi-layered approach to protect our campers from the spread of COVID-19. We continue to work with board-certified physicians to inform our plans.  As with the pandemic, this is an evolving plan that will change based on best practices, science, and community spread. Our Safe @ Camp Manual, which details our plan and protocols for keeping our community safe against COVID-19, can be found here.