Regional Ambassador Committees (RAC) are made up of Experience Camps volunteers who help further the organization’s mission by engaging in their local community through strategic initiatives that support our larger organizational goals.

The pillars of RAC community engagement are:

  1. Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
  2. Volunteer and Camper Events
  3. Crowdfunding Partner and Participant

Participating in a RAC is an opportunity to volunteer with other ExCamps volunteers throughout the year while also building their professional skills. RAC members will use their unique talents and connections in the form of peer to peer and organizational recruitment and innovative events.


Below are examples of how RACs may achieve their community engagement goals by pillar. The pillars are interrelated with activities from each pillar supporting the other pillars.

  1. Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
    Why: Our volunteers will always be our number one recruitment avenue. Good people know good people. By mobilizing our top ambassadors to share their story and recruit new volunteers, we can continue to serve more campers each year.


    1. Peer to peer recruitment through your own networks.
    2. Connections to local community groups: nonprofits, universities, communities, social groups, etc.
    3. Recruitment event in the fall, leveraging the excitement coming out of camp.
  1. Volunteer and Camper Events
    Why: ExCamps thrives on human connection. By bringing campers and volunteers together at key times in the year, RACs can help maintain those special connections to the organization.


    1. Camper event in the spring.
    2. Pre-camp pump up event in the summer.
    3. Optional: occasional meet-ups throughout the year.
  1. Be a Crowdfunding Partner
    Why: One of the biggest motivators for donors is hearing a personal story. When our volunteers share their “why” and their experience at camp, they help expand our network of donors. Crowdfunding is also an opportunity to engage with individuals in your network who want to get involved but can’t commit to volunteering at camp.
    1. Every RAC member will participate in crowdfunding and encourage other volunteers to participate.
    2. Partner with Crowdfunding Champion to support their outreach efforts.
    3. As a team, each RAC will determine their fundraising goal as a whole.
    4. Takes place in Nov/Dec.

RAC Locations and Eligibility

RAC member eligibility
The RAC is open to any enrolled or veteran volunteer who is in good standing, regardless of where they live (see below for remote RAC member details). Membership on a RAC located near a camp location is not exclusive to a specific camp.

For example, the DC RAC has members who attend several of the ExCamps locations including MD, PA, ME, and MI. Members who live near a host city but attend a camp farther away can still support local RAC activities.

RAC locations
There are several RACs across the US, established in certain markets that have demonstrated the capacity to achieve the goals of their individual RAC. Current locations include: DC, Chicago, Boston, NYC, Central Florida, and Southern California.

In order to be a RAC host city you must:

  • First year RAC: Have at least 3-5 members. At least three members must be local to the host city.
  • Established RAC: Have between 5-15 members for an established RAC. At least five members must be local to the host city.
  • Have a RAC lead who commits to the RAC leader responsibilities.
  • Commit to the developing plans for all three RAC pillars.

To maintain RAC status you must:

  • Demonstrate ability to achieve the goals of the RAC and all three pillars.
  • Maintain the minimum number of members and active participation from the majority of members.
  • Maintain a positive ROI on all events.

New host city identification:

  • RAC applications will indicate current host cities.
  • Volunteers applying for the RAC will indicate where they currently live.
  • Volunteers who do not live near a RAC may indicate they are interested in starting a RAC near them.
  • If we determine there are enough volunteers located in the same location, HQ will contact the volunteers to see if they’d like to establish a RAC in their city and discuss the requirements.

Guidance for Remote RAC Members

  • If a volunteer does not live close to a RAC host city, the volunteer may support a RAC virtually.
  • Remote RAC members will:
    • Attend meetings virtually.
    • Support RAC initiatives locally including peer to peer volunteer recruitment, assisting with any event coordination that can be done remotely (e.g. booking catering or managing RSVPs), and connect with local community organizations for recruitment and awareness.
  • Remote members are welcome to travel to in-person events, however, no travel costs incurred will be reimbursed.

Benefits of joining the RAC

Serving on the RAC is a great way to stay connected to Experience Camps the other 11 months of the year while expanding your career experience, sharpen skills, and grow your professional network. By using your expertise and passion for camp, you’ll help us send more kids to camp every year.

Aside from getting the opportunity to surround yourself with amazing camp people year-round, here are some additional benefits to serving on your local RAC:

  • Help camp grow: By leading key recruitment, engagement, and fundraising projects, you’ll help ExCamps continue to grow and serve more kids every year.
  • Maintain connection: Stay connected to the people who reinvigorate you year-round, your camp people.
  • Strengthen your professional profile and credibility: Either selected as a RAC lead or serving as a RAC member demonstrates that a nationally recognized organization is entrusting you with a vital, high-impact role.
  • Grow your professional network: Connect in meaningful ways with amazing humans who are also very well-connected in their own communities.
  • Sharpen your professional skills: Gain exposure to new projects and build professional growth including collaboration, project management, and hands-on leadership development.