Virtual Programs

Our virtual programs extend our community with online youth-driven content.

There are millions of young people who are grieving the death of a family member. We create our virtual programming to reach and support as many of these young people globally as possible. Our virtual programs, listed below, also ensure that we provide ways for our summer-camp participants to receive support and navigation tools all year-round.

Screenshot of GRIEF SUCKS


A digital content platform for teens

GRIEF SUCKS is a digital content platform for teens that helps them navigate their feelings and offers a place of belonging. It normalizes grief by featuring celebrities talking about personal insights around grief, reviews of grief-related pop-culture content, teens’ candid stories, irreverent videos, and more. GRIEF SUCKS was created with teens for teens.


Virtual grief support and play on Minecraft

 “ExperienceCraft” is a customized Minecraft world built exclusively for grieving kids to give them a safe and supportive community to play and navigate their grief. It is geared to kids ages 11 to 16 who have experienced the death of one or more people in their lives, and allows kids to virtually build, play, and reflect about their grief with one another. ExperienceCraft is now open every week from Friday-Sunday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET for kids to be a part of creating, connecting, and fun!

“Grief Quest” on Roblox

Join our virtual scavenger hunt and get grief-smart.

In February 2023, we kicked off our biggest virtual experience ever, all with the aim of grief education. It was an engaging scavenger hunt on Roblox (the social gaming platform with over 52 million daily active users!) that gave players of all ages opportunities to learn about how to support kids who are grieving while doing camp-themed activities. It nods to a “classic” camp setting but with more literal magic: think outer space + neon + rainbow fields!

ExperienceCamps Hangouts

Build community and bridge the gap between camp seasons

The ExCamps Hangouts Discord server allows kids ages 11 and up to connect through chat and voice channels. It’s an online server that promotes community-building through voice chat and social connection. A bridge between camp seasons and a space to find new friends and build relationships. It is geared towards kids ages 11 and up. Learn more about Discord here. There will be monthly programming that allows kids to engage and build relationships. Programs will cover a variety of interests from arts to gaming.

Apply now to get updates on monthly events! This includes a monthly movie night & discussion, Bookclub, open mic nights, wellness events, and more

Through compassion, connection, and play, Experience Camps empowers grieving children to embody a life full of hope and possibility.