About Us

We believe that every child deserves to live a life rich with possibility.

Experience Camps is a nonprofit that champions the nation’s 5.3 million bereaved children and runs a network of no-cost camps that help grieving children thrive. Our programming for young people builds their coping resources, confidence, and resilience so they can experience a life rich with possibility. Our content addresses childhood grief as an urgent health issue while helping to establish a more grief-smart culture for all of us.

Since 2009, Experience Camps has transformed the lives of thousands of children by reframing the experience of their grief and empowering them with the confidence, skills, and support to move forward with their lives.

We give grieving children experiences that change their lives forever.

At Experience Camps, everyone understands what it’s like to lose someone important. Here, kids can laugh, cry, play, honor the memory of the person who died, and forget the grief that weighs them down. At camp, they learn they are not alone.

Experience Camps is a beacon of light guiding them back to safer waters. Where there was once despair, there is now hope. Yes, they lost their loved one, but they have gained a family, a band of brothers.”

— Lori Lane (mom of Trevor, age 13)

The need is enormous.

1 in 5 children will experience the death of someone close to them by age 18.

Over the last five years, our demand for camp has increased 500% and COVID-19 means tens of thousands more kids are now being impacted by childhood grief. Our 5-year goal is to double the number of kids attending camp and expand our reach and resources to millions more.

Who we are

Experience Camps is made up of an incredible network of full-time staff, camp directors, volunteers, and licensed clinicians whose skills and passion ensure that our campers enjoy a transformative experience at camp and beyond the bunk.

Our programs

Summer Camps

We provide children and teens whose parent, sibling or primary caregiver has died, with free, one-week overnight summer camp programs.

Beyond The Bunk

Our community of support for grieving kids extends beyond the bunk, all year-round.

Leaders In Training

Building resilient youth leaders through mentorship, training and peer support.

Young Adults Grief Retreat

A weekend retreat for young adults who are grieving.

Be there for grieving children when they need us the most.

Raising a world of confident, happy and hopeful humans takes a village, especially when those humans have endured challenges and losses that leave them feeling vulnerable and all alone. It’s up to all of us to be there for grieving children. Find out how you can be part of our village.