Register for ExperienceCraft, a world in Minecraft built with and for grieving kids!  

In the Summer of 2022, Experience Camps piloted the first virtual world for grieving kids in Minecraft with our program partner, game developers and experts, Connected Camps.

ExperienceCraft is now open every week from Friday-Sunday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET for kids to be a part of creating, connecting, and fun!

ExperienceCraft–geared to kids ages 11 to 16. If 11 to 13 parents must create a parental account. Who have experienced the death of one or more people in their lives–includes a custom Minecraft server as well as an affiliated Discord server (which allows for voice chat and social connection outside of Minecraft).


What you’ll find

The server is organized into three distinct “Worlds” (Creative, Survival and Minigames), each offering various organized activities and areas for free play. In the Creative World, for example, there is a Memorial Garden for celebration and reflection. Participants can also visit “Zen spaces” for de-escalation, private conversations or alone time, or visit the “Resort” for moderated conflict-resolution. College-age counselors from Connected Camps, along with trained volunteers, moderate on the servers.

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NO EXPERIENCE PLAYING MINECRAFT NECESSARY to be a player or a volunteer! Sign up today!

*Players and volunteers need the Java or Bedrock editions of Minecraft to participate in ExperienceCraft, and both versions can only be played on a Mac or PC computer.

For potential partners:

Fill out this form to let us know you’re interested (we promise filling it out is quick).

For parents and caregivers:

  • ExperienceCraft is a safe, moderated space that’s exclusively for grieving kids. 
  • All volunteers undergo background checks to join the server.
  • All volunteers receive crisis and grief training before being in the space with kids.
  • Trained and paid staff will also be monitoring interaction at all times.
  • Kids will not have the ability to share personal information while playing in ExperienceCraft.
  • Kids must sign up through vetted program partners and organizations

For potential volunteers:

ExperienceCraft volunteers support kids on the server by doing everything from monitoring the space to helping oversee activities. Volunteers are an important part of the ExperienceCraft community.

Volunteer requirements:
  • Must be at least 15 years old
  • Sign up for weekly 1-2 hour shifts
  • Watch training videos before volunteering
  • Participate in play-testing sessions to practice on the server before volunteering
What volunteers do:
  • Help oversee activities on the server (minigames, welcoming new players, monitoring the chat)
  • Connect with players and other volunteers on Discord (the voice chat platform that runs alongside the server)