Check Out What Happened at Experience Camps this Summer!

We love to hear and exchange the heartwarming, funny, and inspiring tales at the end of each summer shared by volunteers, staff, and campers themselves. It’s our favorite way to process all the facts and feels, and we’ll continue posting them throughout the year on our social media. But we figured we’d start by offering the big-picture story of camp as told by the numbers.

What the numbers said:

# camp programs last summer: 13 (including our new programs in Maui and Maryland)
# of campers who attended: 1,080
% campers returning from prior year(s): 88%
# of states campers came from: 42
# of countries campers came from (not including the U.S.): 8 (Canada, Colombia, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain and the UK)
# of volunteers: 702 staff and volunteers (compared to 564 staff & volunteers in 2022)
% of volunteers and staff from prior year(s): 62%
# of times (approximately) people at camp chanted “That was awesome!”: 14,270
# of chicken nuggets eaten: 14,271
# of candles lit for a person who died: 1,943
# of smiles we saw each day: infinite

Two counselors and a child smile at grief camp

What the post-camp surveys said:
At the end of summer, we asked our caregivers to share in a survey what changes they noticed in their child following camp. Below are a few of the findings.

  • 74% saw a positive change in their child’s self-confidence
  • 65% saw positive change in their child’s ability to work through challenging moments
  • 69% saw positive change in their child’s optimism and hope for the future
Picture of kids in Hawaii at grief camp

We launched a camp program on Maui this summer.

What parents and caregivers had to say…

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. This past weekend was truly so special and meaningful and the work you all are doing is such a gift. My camper didn’t want it to end and already asked to join again next year. It was truly magical.

I can’t believe she went. This is her first time without any family. I’m sure her Mom and her Mama are smiling down from heaven. Since camp, she has been asking more questions, trying to understand. It is a work in progress!  Most importantly, she loved camp, and I can see a positive difference. Looking forward to her continuing to blossom in such a positive way.

We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend for our camper and for ourselves. And what a grand finale with the flower drop over the ocean!  I couldn’t believe it! It was so touching to feel supported by everyone involved in this camp. From you, to the leaders, and the staff at the Four Seasons, everything was perfect. You made us feel like VIPs! 

My camper is doing great post-camp! He can’t wait to do another camp and has been slowly sharing some of his experiences. It was so good for him to be there. He rarely talked about his mother.  

I would really like to thank you!!! The girls are getting along really well!  Since camp, there have been changes. Both girls are much kinder to each other, and they are actually getting along. This really fills my heart to hear them laughing so much and playing… being kids! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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