Loss is the Common Denominator

Will Carradero is a dynamic kid. He’s a perfect combination of an introvert and an extrovert. After his father died, his mom Eligia was looking for different ways for Will to find support. She knew that her son’s grief journey would be a very long process, but one that she would always help him navigate.

Because of Will’s natural ability to be a part of groups, she signed him up for Experience Camps. She knew that even though grief is a different experience for everyone, loss is the common denominator.

Eligia has noticed great changes in her son since returning from camp. “Will is more expressive with his feelings. He came back with a sense of relief and less anguish with the loss of his father. Also, he talks about camp all the time!”

Just like many of our campers, Will wishes that camp could be two weeks long instead of one week! Will felt safe in our community and was grateful to be able to connect with kids who had been through similar situations in their lives.

Will has fallen in love with Experience Camps and was particularly proud of himself that he didn’t feel homesick or feel the need to be on his electronics. Go Will!

He is already counting down the days until next summer!