Wisdom and Insights from Returning Campers

We recently published a post about how our caregivers can ease the nervousness that tends to arise for families leading up to camp. We know leaving home for a week can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking, especially that first time. That’s why we thought everyone might appreciate hearing from more true experts: our returning campers! Enjoy the inspiration below.

Dear Campers:

My name is Cade and I’m 13 from Georgia. I lost my dad to leukemia when I was 6 in 2014.  The first summer I went to Experience Camps, I was nervous about being separated from my mom and little brother. But after one day, I was having so much fun that while I still missed my family, I wasn’t worried anymore. This will be my fourth year at camp, and my advice to all first-time campers is to take a deep breath, trust that these are great people who have been where you are, and be open to new experiences. Experience Camps will change your life if you let it!  —Cade, age 13

Video below: Jack, age 11, Experience Camps in Maine:


Dear Campers:

I’ve been a returning camper in Georgia since 2017. When I first attended camp, the stress on my shoulders was heavy, I was afraid of the unknown but had nothing to lose. I remember by the end of the bus ride to camp that I had already decided I did not want to be there. I let stress and anticipation cloud my thoughts all until the first night in my cabin where I got to meet my counselors and friends that I can still call my brothers to this day. I went into camp that next morning with an open mindset. Four years later I’m still looking forward to this amazing week every year. My advice to any new campers would be try not to be nervous and to trust your counselors and cabinmates. They will be there for you and can sympathize with you better than most people walking this earth. They can understand you to a level even some family members can’t and really helped me get out of my shell as I continued to grow and learn about this amazing week we call camp. —Ryan, age 16

Video below: Luke, age 11, Experience Camps in Maine:


Dear Campers:

I’ve been a camper at Experience Camps in California since 2019, and I remember being really nervous that first summer about leaving. But after one day, I felt very happy, especially when I got to name a baby goat! There is a goat pen at camp and there were some new baby that I bonded with – I named him “Nibbles” because he kept nibbling  on my necklace, and I can’t wait to see how much he has grown! My advice: Express yourself with any emotions you have, and it will be alright.  — Rachel, age 11


Video below: Compilation of more campers of all ages