Companies Who Care

More and more companies these days are dedicating their resources, time, and employees to social good. Meet, Hayes Locums, a passionate company dedicated to matching physicians and advanced practice clinicians with the right jobs. Hayes Locums prides themselves on their amazing employees, and pushes those employees to not only work hard at their jobs, but also to give back to communities in need.

“Hayes Helps” was established to help charitable organizations achieve their goals and fulfill their mission. Hayes Locums even matches the donations dollar-for-dollar and gives employees time off to participate in volunteer activities.

Experience Camps was fortunate enough to have rockstar employees from Hayes Locums at our camp in Georgia this summer. Zach McKenzie, a Physician Consultant at Hayes Locums, and a first-year volunteer at BluEx was really excited to learn that his company cared about causes, and wanted them to get involved with Experience Camps. Zach said, “I personally believe that this encouragement to volunteer shows the integrity of our company and of the leadership that is behind the scenes making all the gears turn. Working for people that have a giving heart creates a very contagious environment that you can see and feel around our office.”

Nicholas Heimer, also a Physician Consultant at Hayes Locums and a BluEx volunteer said, “life is more than making money for yourself. Giving back is a win-win for everyone involved and is what life is all about. Helping one another throughout the journey of life.”

Hayes employees can choose from a wide variety of charities to give their time to. Zach chose Experience Camps because of his personal connection to the mission. “Since the death of my mom in 2008, I have always had a strong desire to find a way to help young adults and kids that are currently going similar life experiences as myself.”

Zach had an unforgettable week at BluEx. “It is extremely difficult to sum up my experience at camp into a few sentences. I hate to be cliché, but it was truly life-changing in so many aspects. It is very special to see the kids resilience. You arrive at camp hoping to change just one camper’s life, and leave feeling like your life was also changed in just one week,” Zach said.

Camp also changed Nicholas in the way he sees the world. “My experience at camp truly changed my life. I do not sweat the little things nearly as much anymore because I realize how much I have to be thankful for. I also had a blast. It was truly the best week ever.”

According to a Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey, “92% of surveyed corporate human resources executives agree that contributing business skills and expertise to a nonprofit can be an effective way to improve employees’ leadership and broader professional skill sets.” Companies like Hayes Locums see the power in that. “I believe that more businesses should offer ways to give back because of the perspective it gives people. I’ve found that the skills I acquired at camp have translated to the workplace, like patience, compassion, and understanding, all which make me a better employee,” Zach said.

Thank you to Hayes Locums for sending your employees to Experience Camps, and for doubling your original fundraising goal. We can’t wait to continue our partnership together FTK!