Childhood Carries On: Telling the Experience Camps Brand Story

Building a new brand identity is never easy. That’s especially true when that brand is as important, impactful, and meaningful as Experience Camps. To get to the heart of what the Experience Camps brand is, and to bring it to life visually, we turned to our friends at Novio. Novio is a virtual creative consultancy that was designed to help organizations tell human brand narratives centered around meaning and purpose.

To kick-off the branding work, we started by building the Experience Camps brand “operating system.” A brand OS includes foundational elements of an organization—purpose, vision, mission, values, brand personality, and positioning. This strategic work led to the creation of a refreshed mission for Experience Camps: We give grieving children experiences that change their lives forever. And a new theme line for the brand: Childhood Carries On.™ Everything Experience Camps does, says, or creates is in service of this core idea.

Experience Camps Logo

From there, we worked closely with the Novio team to bring this mission and theme to life through a refreshed visual identity. After several explorations of potential identities, we are thrilled to introduce the new, modern Experience Camps brand.

We absolutely love the simplicity and versatility of our new identity, which includes a vibrant but simple color palette, modern typography, and pop-out icons (flame, heart, and links) that can also be used on their own. The “flame” icon over the stylized “x” symbolizes the beating heart of our Camp experiences, which culminate in a sharing circle around a fire. The “heart” icon represents the empathy that we have for the ExCamps community, and how much we care about and support them. And, for us, the “links” icon represents the togetherness of our community—the entire ExCamps family.

Through this work together, Novio has become an important part of the Experience Camps family. We hope you are as delighted by our refreshed mission and brand identity as we are. We’re ready for even more people to know how Experience Camps gives grieving children new friends to assure them, a new experience to show them, and a camp to remind them that Childhood Carries On.™

Thank you everyone who was part of this journey with us, especially Team Novio!