Camper Spotlight on Carter

Carter’s dad died by suicide when he was 11 years old. A few months later, his older brother, to whom he was extremely close, died as well. In the grief world, we call that “compounded loss.”

Carter’s mom knew he needed an outlet to process what he’d been through. A Google search led her to Experience Camps and an opportunity to be around other kids that “get it”. She knew this was just the kind of place he needed.

Carter giving a presentation at camp.

Carter had never been on a plane, but flew solo from Kentucky to Georgia for his first week at camp. It was filled with fun memories, (a lot of rain), and the chance for him to share his story and the common bond of loss with his bunkmates.

He returned home from his first week at camp already making plans to go back the next summer. Experience Camps provided him the opportunity to step away from the heaviness of his grief and just be a kid. And he got to do that with other kids that understand.

Carter is smart, kind, and compassionate, and wise beyond his years for the challenges he’s had to overcome in his 14 years of living. And now he can continue to grow from those challenges with the support of friends and mentors in his Experience Camps community.

Carter sitting down at camp