Camper Spotlight on Lily

Lily is an amazing camper who is known for her compassion, and how she goes out of her way to help other people. Lily loves water-sports and her family. Lily experienced the death of her sister, who she was extremely close to. Since the death, Lily has become a big family girl, always trying to find ways to get the family together.

One night, Lily’s mom was Googling grief resources for Lily and found Experience Camps. “As I was searching, it never dawned on me that grief camp could be free. It’s so beautiful to see all of the people that feel it in their hearts to donate to Experience Camps. That’s something that is SO special. It’s amazing.”

Lily loves attending Experience Camps! Lily even spoke at an Experience Camps fundraiser in Miami, where she was psyched to share her story with everyone in the room.

This past summer was Lily’s third year. Lily constantly talks about how nice it is to go to camp and be able to share her personal experience with people. She loves that you don’t have to over-explain, everyone already gets it.

Experience Camps has made an everlasting impact on Lily. “The Experience Camps community has been a constant source of support and light for us. Our family is forever grateful.”

Lily LOVES going to Experience Camps and can’t wait to return in 2019.