Spotlight on Clinical Director Brie

Meet Brie. Brie has been with Experience Camps for 5 years but she is no stranger to grief organizations. Brie has been volunteering for the past 13 years for different grief organizations. Brie has impacted the lives of our campers at multiple program locations around the country, from CA, to GA, and now MI.

Brie’s cousin died when she was in 4th grade (her cousin was in 5th grade) and they were very close. Her family received a lot of support after her cousin’s death and because of that experience, it has always been important to Brie to give back, especially to grieving kids.

Finding Experience Camps was one way to do that. 

“Experience Camps allows our campers to process their grief with other campers their age in a safe and fun environment. For many of our campers they may be the only one in their class, in their school, or on their team that has experienced the death of a parent, sibling, and/or caretaker, but here they know that the one thing that helps them stand out outside of camp is that one thing that helps them feel connected and apart of the group at camp.”

Brie knows the power of camp, and was devastated to hear that we’d be unable to have in person camp this summer. Though we can’t be physically together, Brie is confident that Experience Camps @ Home is set to be an amazing, impactful week.

“My hope is that our campers feel the ExCamps love and support during this week at home. I feel it in every call, zoom, and email. We are all in it FTK and my hope is that our campers will embrace Experience Camps @ Home too!” 

Brie and a volunteer back to back

But we don’t stop at just one week. The shift to go beyond the bunk has been one that’s really exciting for Brie.

“Our campers come back year after year because this truly is the BEST. WEEK. EVER. Being in contact with our campers year-round reiterates that we are here for them and that we support them during the 51 weeks they are not at camp.”

We’re so grateful to have Brie on our Director team and are in awe of her passion, amazing energy, and love for our campers. Thank you Brie!