Meet Our 2023 TCS New York City Marathon Runners!

On Sunday Nov. 5th, the inspiring humans below will run the TCS New York City Marathon! Some have run this marathon before, some have never ran any marathon. What they have in common is that in addition to having serious courage and disciplined training, they are all care so much about supporting grieving kids! How about supporting them? Inspired to run a race on our behalf? Learn more here.

Nick, a runner for the NYC marathonNick Barbati: I’m so pumped to be running the 2023 NYC Marathon with the Experience Camps team! Over the years I’ve met lots of staff and volunteers who have shown me the power of this incredible community to transform the lives of people around the country. Our world doesn’t have many places like Experience Camps that not only provide an incredible outlet for grieving children but, through the process, build strong individuals with emotional intelligence who learn the power of taking care of one another. It’s a privilege to be able to support this organization and spread the word about its impact.

Ally, runner for the NYC marathon
Ally Glynn: I’m originally from Mahwah, NJ and graduated from Bucknell University this past spring. Although I grew up playing lots of sports, I didn’t play any in college which is where I began to love running. I chose to run my first marathon for Experience Camps for numerous reasons and am so glad I learned about an incredible organization so close to my heart. After losing my dad when I was 19, I knew Experience Camps would be the best organization to be involved with. I could not be more proud to run for Experience Camps this November!

Sam, runner for the NYC marathon
Sam Goodman: I’m a sales & marketing professional who leads a growth and mid-market sales team at Snapchat. I live in Manhattan with my wife, two kids, and a bernedoodle. I also love live music, great food, Michigan football, tennis, and of course, running. This is my first marathon but I have run a few half-marathons. I grew up going to sleep-away camp and am inspired to support Experience Camps and their amazing mission!

Alex, runner for NYC marathonAlex Grant: My own journey with grief began after the loss of my dad. The experience was a life-altering moment that reshaped my priorities and left me searching for ways to cope and heal. As a former college swimmer, I’ve found solace and strength in sports, and it was natural for me to seek comfort in the world of endurance events. I’ve participated in Ironmans and marathons as a way to manage the complex emotions that come with loss. It was during one of these events that I had an epiphany: my athletic pursuits should be about more than just personal growth and coping—they should serve a greater purpose. That’s when I started looking for ways to make a tangible impact. I’m running the NYC Marathon to support Experience Camps because I believe every child who loses a loved one deserves the resources to cope and heal. Having had an extraordinary first camp experience at FTA 2023, I am honored to be part of this empowering community.

Matt, a runner for the NYC marathon

Matt Lara: I’m so proud to be running my first ever marathon this November on behalf of Experience Camps. I captained my high-school cross-country team and ran track a lifetime ago, and can’t wait to take it to the next level. As a New Jersey native and resident, I’m excited to finally experience this legendary race!  


Zachary, a runner for the NYC marathon

Zachary Leibovitch: I am running the NYC Marathon on behalf of Experience Camps (WOO!). As a two-time volunteer down in Georgia, I can tell you firsthand that these kids are beyond special. Their resiliency and bravery is unmatched. So when the opportunity came to support these kids by way of running the marathon, it wasn’t even a hesitation. I’m beyond honored to run for these kids and raise awareness for an incredible organization.


Ben, a runner for the NYC marathonBen Pickman: For the past 10 years I’ve volunteered at Experience Camps, initially as a bunk counselor, then a unit leader, and presently as the Program Director for our camp in Pennsylvania. This will be my second time running the New York City Marathon for Team ExCamps and while I can’t say I’ve been much of a runner before these past two years, I can think of few better communities I’d rather train for. The way I look at it, there’s no reason I can’t go out in the heat and think with every step about the kids who have taught me what true perseverance and strength looks like.

Molly, a NYC marathon runnerMolly Resto: I feel so incredibly lucky and grateful to be running the 2023 NYC Marathon on behalf of Experience Camps! I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Pennsylvania this past summer. It was transformative and truly was the BEST week ever (where else can you participate in a grief circle only to later paint your body green and act like a frog??). While I am running in memory of my Dad, Bobby, I am also running for my campers’ and friends’ person/people whom I had the privilege to learn about through stories and memories this past summer. I can’t wait to rep ExCamps for 26.2 miles and send more kids to camp! #FTK

Micky, a NYC marathon runner
Micky Silverman: I am a long-time Experience Camps volunteer who is getting ready to spend my eighth summer at our camp in Pennsylvania! A New York City native, I’m excited to run in my first ever marathon–especially since I’m running #FTK (for the kids!). I will be running in memory of my mom (Annie Bronstein) and sister (Stephanie Silverman) whose lives inspired me to get involved with Experience Camps, an organization that has forever changed my life. TCS NYC Marathon here we come!

John, a NYC marathon runnerJohn Soter: Growing up I always tried desperately to avoid running. I remember faking injuries so that I didn’t have to run the mile in middle school. But here I am, extremely proud to be representing Experience Camps while I run the 2023 New York Marathon. I’m from Seattle originally, but I’ve spent the last two years living here in NY. This summer I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at the Experience Camps in Maryland, where I truly had the #BestWeekEver. Providing a safe space for kids to process their grief while also having an amazing time was truly an experience of a lifetime!

Abby, runner for NYC marathon

Abbey Sambaer: My name is Abbey and I’m so excited for my first marathon this November with Experience Camps! Primarily a short-distance occasion runner, I’m super excited about the opportunity and challenge that a marathon brings. I’ll be running alongside my younger brother, in honor of our mom, who passed away in 2011 and was an avid runner. I recently moved to Chicago, IL from Haiti, and am loving the temperature change as well as the views from up and down the lakeshore!

Amy, a NYC marathon runner

Amy Taylor: I’m running NYC in honor of Reese and her deceased father Andrew. Reese’s perseverance and spirit commit me to loving each day fully and engaging with hard goals. I will be running each mile of the NYC marathon in honor of them! 


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