Camper Spotlight on Henry

Henry is 13 years old and is going into his freshman year of high school this year.  He is an athlete and a musician. He is an old soul with an amazing heart. And he’s been attending Experience Camps for 3 years.

When Henry was 9, his dad died.

After his death, Henry attended local support groups and therapy. While these supports were helpful, the therapists at these programs felt that the peer connections and communal support provided by a camp program like Experience Camps would help him further in his grieving process.

Campers standing together

Experience Camps allows Henry one week a year to be with like-minded kids and counselors that “get it” – that get the pain that he is going through and allows him to heal a little more every year.

“I wish people knew that grief is something that you can not be prepared for, but you need to accept and have a positive mindset for your own life.” – Henry

Since his dad’s death, Henry has developed a passion for hockey, a sport which his dad loved to play and watch, and has developed close relationships to a small group of friends.

Campers standing together with a guitar

Henry looks forward to Experience Camp all year for this one week of the summer.

 “I credit his time at camp for helping our family and him heal a little more every summer.” – Henry’s mom, Erin