Light a Candle

At the end of every week of camp, we hold a final campfire and candle lighting ceremony for our campers, volunteers and staff, to remember and honor the people in their lives who have died.

With the pandemic of grief we are facing in our world, we created this space for everyone in our community to pause, reflect, and virtually light a candle for someone you have lost.

Campers and volunteers around a campfire

James Wright

Bob Siordia

Love you!

Ronald Loza Jr.

Honey, 9 years without you does not seem possible. You have our baby boy with you now. I don't know why I had to lose you both, it is unbearable some days. I miss you honey so much, how our lives changed the day you left. I hope you are proud of all we have done. Please take care of my baby, Steven, I miss hi...

Steven Loza

My beautiful son, experience camps was your favorite place! I cannot even put into words how much I miss you, that gorgeous smile, and your hugs. This world... my world is lost without you. You are the light that will push me to carry on. You have taught me so much and I promise to work hard to save lives in ...

Amanda "Mandy" Kuck

We love you and miss you every single day.

Kevin Kiernan

Dad, Husband, Lawyer, Bike rider. Cycling in Heaven now for sure....

Trevor Damron

I love you

Mama Nina

Coming up on 7 years with you gone. You are missed every day, loved every moment and forever with us. I hope wherever you are, you can see the light in the darkness that this candle represents and know we are okay. And you are loved and missed Mom. ❤️❤️

Sonny Fox

Jennifer Vega

Always in our hearts! Never forgotten! We love you?✝️

Rita petito

Love you, Rita

Trevor Morton

Trev, wishing you were here for all of the adventures.

Light a Candle for Your Person