Light a Candle

At the end of every week of camp, we hold a final campfire and candle lighting ceremony for our campers, volunteers and staff, to remember and honor the people in their lives who have died.

With the pandemic of grief we are facing in our world, we created this space for everyone in our community to pause, reflect, and virtually light a candle for someone you have lost.

Campers and volunteers around a campfire


hi Jim you were the best great uncle ever and I really miss you

auntie shannon<3

you live in myy heart forever you were the sweetest ,kindest ,sincere soul ever you are the light of my world forever your world iloveyouu!.


hope your good

Joan Walker

Happy birthday, mom ❤️ Love, your family

James Elwood Kohl

In our hearts forever


You are missed everyday and it still hard to believe you are gone. xoxo Lisa

Donna Green

Ryan and Nathan miss you! Hoping they are having a great week in Maine!

John "Dolo" Ragin

We miss you and love you so much!


I will always love you, and try to bring the light I knew in you into the world, and the lessons you taught me. I wish we had more time. I love you dad.

Trevor Matthews

Lester Bingham

Love you Dad. In your memory I move the ball forward.

Joshua (Josh) Davis

Codi misses you terribly. My heart hurts because he hurts. As he gets older, it hurts more because these are the “milestone” years you are missing. You would be so proud of the awesome 9 year-old he has become. I’m excited for him to attend grief camp for the first time this year (2021). You are missed ...

Light a Candle for Your Person