Light a Candle

At the end of every week of camp, we hold a final campfire and candle lighting ceremony for our campers, volunteers and staff, to remember and honor the people in their lives who have died.

With the pandemic of grief we are facing in our world, we created this space for everyone in our community to pause, reflect, and virtually light a candle for someone you have lost.

Campers and volunteers around a campfire

Katie Goschey

Miss you, sissy!

Meryll Moss

I love you mama!

George Kennedy

In loving memory My best friend 4/2/47-3/5/14

Marcia Warren

I love you Mom. Your memory continues to grow me every day. Thank you for the standard of faith, love and pursuit that you gave me. You’re my sunshine, and my fire.

Morgan Marie

You should be here. I miss you dearly M.


I miss you every day mom.

Shon Shon

Martin Elias

My brother, I miss you so much.

Debbie Jones

Shelby, my sister

It's hard to believe you're gone. So many memories with you feel like yesterday. I love you, and I miss you.

Pete, my father

I love you. I miss you. I wish you were here.

Joachim Martin

We always love you daddy, hope you found your new life

Light a Candle for Your Person