Light a Candle

At the end of every week of camp, we hold a final campfire and candle lighting ceremony for our campers, volunteers and staff, to remember and honor the people in their lives who have died.

With the pandemic of grief we are facing in our world, we created this space for everyone in our community to pause, reflect, and virtually light a candle for someone you have lost.

Campers and volunteers around a campfire

Sharon Borg

Always in our hearts and on our minds <3

Jeanne Brady

I miss you friend, so much.

Grant Stoner

You were a light in so many people's lives and although you are not here with us physically, the impact you have left on the lives of all those around you is everlasting. I will feel that love and hope until the day i take my last breath. You truly were the best of people.

Grant Stoner

You were the light in so many people's lives. And although your physical body is no longer here, your spirit will continue to guide our family and your friends in all that we do.


I miss you, Mom...all day, every day. You're my forever, forever.

Family proaño v

To be touched by god

Robert Rossi

Rest in Peace Grandpa, you made an impact on our families lives. Love you, B

David Hardyal

Everything is well down here so don't worry.

family vazquez


Patrick and wife

Be touched by god

Opa Fritz

Ich liebe dich

Oma Lydia

Ich liebe dich

Light a Candle for Your Person