Light a Candle

At the end of every week of camp, we hold a final campfire and candle lighting ceremony for our campers, volunteers and staff, to remember and honor the people in their lives who have died.

With the pandemic of grief we are facing in our world, we created this space for everyone in our community to pause, reflect, and virtually light a candle for someone you have lost.

Campers and volunteers around a campfire

Barbara Callahan

Today is my mom’s birthday. She would have been 71 today, but she left us 5 years ago. We love you mom. You were a complicated soul, and I miss you.


If only I are in my heart forever ❤️

Tim Overton

You wanted the world,but didn't give yourself a chance.keep watch over us.?

Patricia Shapiro

I miss you, my best friend. Can’t believe I won’t ever hear your voice or see your face again. Love you.

Ronald Danchisko

We miss him. May will be 1 year since his passing. His, wife and 2 sons especially missing him. We think about him everyday. Even joke about his going on when he was with us. So, to all we will continue to light a candle.

Brian Gosser

Miss my son every single day! He was a bright young man with an infectious smile and laugh and was loved by so many! He left behind 3 beautiful daughters, ours now to cherish! His tragic unnecessary death occurred 5 years ago now. It’s still just like it was yesterday!

Michael Smith

Always missed, still loved, forever in our hearts ♥️

Linda Fabiano

I hope that where ever you are, you are dancing, singing, laughing and drinking all the coffee you can. I miss you so much mum, love you forever?

Robert Fritz

Wonderful father and great role model for every day of the 10 years I had with him. Never a day goes by since February 15, 1973 that I have not thought about or missed you

Wilfredo Carradero

Hey Junebug. You're in our hearts every day. Even though your loss was big the love you left us will always be bigger. Love you always your wife and son, Eligia and Wil

Frank moor

Miss you!


I love you Dad and miss you so much.

Light a Candle for Your Person