February 2023 Newsletter



We celebrate Black History Month through the lens of grief and healing, highlighting several members of our community. We hope their insights will help you navigate your own grief–or better understand that of others–and that they’ll inspire you. We know Black and Brown children are disproportionately impacted by grief due to systemic inequities, and we vow to continue doing our work across our various programming in the name of equality.

1. When grief and racial injustice meet

“Even in my grief, says guest blogger Mariah L. Williams, “I cannot fully disconnect parts of myself and parts of my mother’s story from racial inequities and injustices.” Read her insights in “Grieving While Black.” 

2. Do you know of the racial grief gap?

While it has been relatively hidden, in our society there is a definitive gap when it comes to race and grief. Here’s what you need to know plus one step you can take to create change.

3. Black grief and mental health

Counseling psychologist Jardin Dogan-Dixon, Ph.D. talked with us about the impact of grief on Black people, who typically experience grief far earlier and more frequently.

4. Three grief reads by Black authors 

Our Chief Clinical Officer Brie Overton shares her favorite books on grief by Black authors. One was written by an eight-year-old girl! Check out her selections.

5. On being told to be a “strong Black woman”

Our volunteer Karen Banks reflects on why she strongly dislikes the statement, “You have to be a strong Black woman,” especially when it comes to grieving. Check out her TikTok.

In the news…

  • We were featured in Tech and Learning magazine for our ExperienceCraft program.
  • So thankful to Project Repat, who donated $2,500 to us after a day-long campaign to help transform the lives of grieving kids. This wonderful company allows people to send in T-shirts of their person who died, which they transform into beautiful memory quilts.
  • WANTED: Have you been an Experience Camps counselor who has personal experience with grief? We’d appreciate your participation in a new University of Iowa study that aims to understand how volunteering at grief camp impacts your grief journey. You’ll answer two journal prompts and take part in a virtual interview via Zoom. Get more information.