Experience Camps @Home

Experience Camps @ Home is one week of virtual camp fun to keep the ExCamps energy flowing and let our campers know we’re here for them no matter what. Our program is designed to be a taste of camp that can be viewed and enjoyed at any time, with a few anchor events throughout the week to bring our community together. Beyond that, we hope that all of you can GET OUT AND PLAY whenever and however it’s safe to do so.

Make no mistake, no matter how hard we try, we can’t replace the intangible feeling of support when surrounded by your camp family at the final campfire. But, we’re excited to explore new ways to build a sense of belonging that will make us stronger in the long run. Because that’s what our campers have taught us. Together, we will overcome and reconnect with possibility.

When: Tuesday, August 4th – Saturday, August 8th

Who: All 2020 enrolled campers, staff and volunteers.

What: 5 days of virtual camp activities, with on-demand activity videos each day and 3 live Zoom events throughout the week.


  • Campers will have access to 15-20 activities/instructionals throughout the week.

  • Instructionals range from wellness-focused, interactive challenges, and learning new skills.

  • All campers, caregivers, and volunteers are invited to participate in a Saturday Night Campfire, which will be the first time the whole Experience Camps community will be together. This will allow our campers to see that they belong to a community that is bigger than just their program, and is there for them no matter what.

Sample schedule for the week of Experience Camps @ Home:

Activity schedule