Volunteer FAQ

About the Counselor Role & Eligibility

What is the role of a cabin counselor at camp?

As a camp volunteer, your job is to support your campers throughout the week of camp. While many of our volunteers have experienced a loss of their own, it is NOT a requirement to volunteer. Volunteers with varied experiences help our campers see that adults can sit with the campers’ grief, even if they don’t have the same experience.

As a volunteer, you will:

  • Live with campers in a cabin, sleep on a twin bed, eat 3 meals a day in the dining hall, share a bathroom, and probably get dirty (out of cabin counselor roles are also available)
  • Where applicable, instruct a camp activity (e.g. basketball, soccer, frisbee, yoga, art, or cooking).
  • Help campers thrive, play, laugh, and make a new friend.
  • Attend a one-day orientation the day before camp begins.

For details on all volunteer and staff positions, click here.

What are the eligibility requirements for volunteers?

Volunteers must:

  • All staff must be 19 years or older to volunteer at Experience Camps
  • Be available for the entire week of camp, plus a one-day orientation the day before camp begins
  • Have an interview once they apply and are subject to a background check before they can attend camp.
  • Complete required on-line training before camp.
I can only attend for a few days at camp. Can I still come?
No, in order to provide the most meaningful, consistent, and supportive experience for our campers, we require all staff to be available for the entire week of camp.
Can I volunteer at any Experience Camps program across the country?

Yes, however, we encourage volunteers to attend the camp closest to their geographic region because we provide bus transportation to camp and cannot, in most cases, cover the cost of travel for volunteers. There are also regional reunion events for campers during the year that volunteers can attend to connect with campers.

Can I attend multiple programs as a volunteer?
Yes! We would love to have you at multiple programs. However, we do not reimburse for travel expenses between camps
Are volunteers required to be vaccinated?

All Staff and Volunteers are required to be up to date with their covid-19 vaccinations this summer. Being up to date with your vaccines means you have received all doses in the primary series and boosters for adults.

Our Safe @ Camp Manual, which includes details on our policies and protocols, can be found here.

How did you establish your COVID-19 policies and protocols?

Our COVID policies and guidelines are established to secure the safest possible environment for our campers and the most supportive camp environment that facilitates connection. We consult with leading doctors who advise in alignment with our goals and CDC guidelines and ACA guidelines. This includes protocols and processes for contact tracing, testing, and vaccination requirements. To read more about our plan and protocols for keeping our campers and staff safe this summer, please read our Safe @ Camp Manual.

I submitted an application. Now what?

Returning applications are processed within 24-48 hours of receipt. Experience Camps will email you with either an enrollment or waitlist confirmation.

For new volunteers, Experience Camps requires an intake conversation to get to know more about you and your fit for Experience Camps.

  • Volunteers will schedule and participate in an intake call
  • Then, have a meet and greet call with their Program Director

If you did not receive an email to schedule our intake call, please check your spam folder and if you still don’t see it, email us at volunteers@experiencecamps.org.

Travel & Scholarships

Will Experience Camps arrange my travel to camp?
The Experience Camps team arranges bus transportation at no cost to volunteers. Many of our volunteers also drive to camp or carpool. In the spring we send detailed information on transportation options for all volunteers, including locations of bus stops for each camp program.
Does Experience Camps offer financial aid for travel?

Limited travel scholarship applications are available in the spring and are reviewed and processed on a case by case basis. Go to https://experiencecamps.org/staff-travel-information for more information.

I’m traveling internationally, do you reimburse me for travel expenses?

We do not cover the cost of international flights or flights in general, however, we do have limited travel scholarships available locally.

Forms & Login

I’m not receiving emails from Experience Camps or they are going to spam. How can I fix this?

Sometimes certain email providers filter ExCamps emails into a “Promotions” folder. See here for a step-by-step guide to ensure our emails land in your primary inbox. If you need help, reach out to info@experiencecamps.org.

How do I fill out my forms?

You will receive an email from the address, volunteers@experiencecamps.org when volunteer forms open. All forms must be submitted by July 1st in order to attend camp. You can also view your forms at any time after July 1st by logging into your MyExCamps account:

Login to your volunteer portal using this link:

I’m traveling internationally, do you reimburse me for travel expenses?

We do not cover the cost of international flights or flights in general, however, we do have limited travel scholarships available locally.

I forgot my password to MyExCamps. What should I do?

If you forgot your password or got locked out of your account, email your Operations Director. You can find your Operations Director in the Staff Handbook found here: https://bit.ly/StaffHandbook2022

Volunteer Training, Orientation & Engagement

I am nervous about coming to camp. Can I meet another volunteer before I go?
Having cold feet about coming to camp is a natural response. You can reach out to the Program Director for the camp you’re attending if you have questions but we also recommend that you attend our pre-camp pump up calls to get to know more about camp and meet other volunteers. Your Program Director can also connect you to a returning volunteer to meet before camp through a buddy program.
What training is provided before camp?

We cover a wide range of topics that includes understanding more about grief and ways that you can help keep our campers safe. Watching the videos will help you to feel prepared and equipped to support campers. Please visit our website here for more information on training and resources available to volunteers before the start of camp.

What is the orientation schedule?

In order to volunteer for Experience Camps, we ask that you arrive one day before camp starts to attend orientation. Orientation gives all volunteers the opportunity to get to know their program and clinical teams and other volunteers, as well as participating in important training that helps you to feel prepared for camp. You can find your arrival time for orientation here.

What is your camps policy on trans or non-binary campers or staff staying with you?

Our organization recognizes that grief and loss transcends identities, and our programs are affirming of campers, staff, and their families from all backgrounds. All people, regardless of gender, are welcome to apply and come to camp. While our camp programs are split between boys and girls, your camper would be able to choose what camp they felt comfortable attending and would self-select when applying..

Preparing for Camp

Is there a packing list?

Packing lists can be found on our website and are released in the spring when forms become available.

How do you determine what activities I will lead?
Any activities you may lead will come from a conversation with your Program Director, based on what activities are available at camp and where you have interest.
How do you determine which bunk I will be in?
Your bunk will be determined from a conversation with your Program Director, based on space available in the bunks and where you have interest.
Will I need to lead clinical activities?
While you will be present for all clinical activities with your bunk, all clinical activities are led by our clinical team.
Can I bring my dog?
While we love our furry friends, we discourage bringing pets to camp because we want our volunteers to be on their time with campers. If you are out of bunk, and if your dog is a trained service animal, let’s discuss!